SANKDESIGN is the product of a hunger for food and a thirst for creativity. It's founder, Scott Sanker, grew up in the small town of Altoona, PA. Those who are familiar, know the area for its abundance of hotels, trains, and restaurants.

During his youth, it was a common occurrence to catch Scott's family out to eat after sporting events and school related functions. Although food was the main attraction for everyone else, Scott and his father feverishly illustrated on their placemats before and after they had eaten. These drawing sessions opened Scott's eyes to the beauty in art and the gratification felt after creating it.

As his artistic journey was just getting started, Scott paused to serve his country in The United States Air Force Reserves. After the bulk of his training was completed, he picked up his design exploration and headed to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design Technology. Here, he was exposed to a wide range of design, technology , and was given the tools necessary to realize his passion.

After jumping into the real world as a professional, he worked for a short time as a 3D modeler.


It was time to get back to expressing and sharing his vision.


A creative department at a small software company in New England presented the perfect opportunity to do just that. In addition to graphic design, Scott took on marketing and started to play an important role in the creation of the look and feel of the products and marketing materials associated with them. Increased collaboration and decision making led to his next position as Associate Creative Director. This position helped him realize his desire to own and operate a business of his own.

SANKDESIGN is a combination of solid industry experience, wide ranging creative knowledge, and the devotion to great design. Every project is treated like the most important and every client is guaranteed an unmatched design creation experience.